Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Deer Weekend Market

I feel like being lazy to type right now. Too many things on my plate. And this is a very very very late update. The afro guy who works at Machines is kinda keep staring at me that it's on the verge of being creepy but kind of flattering. Oh yeah, over the weekend, my sisters kinda convinced me to switch to iPhone. Plus, Blackberry's battery sucks *throws battery into fire*

ALSO, I discovered that Tiz Zaqyah have a small frame and is very cute, Aqasha is quite pleasant looking guy, Hunny Madu is a cool looking & laid back chick and Amy Search could actually pull off coloured blazer (which is pretty amazing cuz I can't) and nobody, should ever EVER wore blouse that shows your undergarment so very visibly in broad daylight. You'll just end up looking cheap, just saying.


Anonymous said...

mana u beli kimono wrap 2?nww ke?

Nej Jalidar said...

oh yang I pakai warna hitam tu I pinjam orang punya. but yang Nurul pakai tu memang dari NWW