Monday, July 23, 2012

Random : 205/366

Aaaaaand she's back and kicking and alive. Though not so well because apparently having a low blood pressure also meant that she can't really drive around as much as she please during daylight while fasting. And more bad news, she also have bad eyesight during the night. Oh well, life goes on.

So first and foremost, selamat berpuasa everyone. It's that time of the year again where the parking lots will be filled with guys and lots of smokes during Maghrib (trust me, I've experienced it first-hand). And of course the bazaar and terawikh and well honestly, food, glorious food. Here's a video fitting with the Ramadhan theme/ fasting month from Matluthfi :

You should go to his video at Youtube directly though cuz the tags was funny.

I will go into some really random topic and long passages so brace yourself or just stop reading after this sentence.

Alhamdulillah I got accepted to continue my degree in Journalism at UiTM Shah Alam. I have 85% decided to be a non residence but I'm not quite really sure yet. Honestly I'm just diving in because nobody I know from my foundation year is going to the same course as I am. On the brightside, lots of my friends got Shah Alam campus too so, yayyersz. Though some of them got Puncak Alam and Mira & Salma got Perlis (which is mindblowing since it's only two of them). Anyway I noticed that I stopped taking my own pictures. A sign of getting older maybe? I used to take my own picture out of boredom and that is pretty much how I learn my crude salf-taught way of taking pictures. And I used to play dress up a lot (again, out of boredom). I guess I got too busy and caught up with everything else. Plus I didn't really go anywhere anyway nowadays and I don't really bother to dress up that much anymore. But I do still love shoes and bags. There's this one Lewre shoes that I have my eyes on. Though maybe Payless would have a cheaper option. And look at this freaking cool backpack!

Still am wondering whether I should buy it. And there's this palazzo-ish pants that's really hard to pull off because I'm short and don't really like to wear heels.

And no, it's not some branded items. Just some random finds on the internet. I always settle on a cheaper alternatives because I'd rather be throwing my money around for books. Which takes me on the subject, anybody have a clue when this year Big Bad Wolf Book sale will be on? I want to go to Kinokuniya to find some books but I've nobody to accompany me. I love going to bookstore during fasting month. I even skipped school at one point. So yeah, I'm currently also into Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to The Head right now. And also this weird high-happy-party-stoned-ish song. Anyway that F.U.N We Are Young song is also like a high-stoned-ish song but my sister and I agrees that it'll be a really good song to sing along in a concert or something.

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