Friday, October 5, 2012

Participating IRL, MIA from here

Never had I used so many abbreviation in any title before. I'm getting lazier by day.
Been sooooooooooooo freaking busy participating in real life that I even abandoned my Tumblr (and mind you I LOVED my Tumblr, my foundation classmates can testify to that - considering the many times I was caught Tumblr-ing in class by my BEL lecturer back then). I guess when you have people around you, there's just no time to go around being bored. Things aren't always sunshine and bright but I guess you could say that I am happy with how things are going for now. Life is different though, back then things were kind of, well, un-bothersome (?). I still am a bit childish though, sometimes you just never felt mature enough to feel belonged to a position or place (plus people kept mistaking me for a 15 years old school kid so it's all fine). I still am not keen on koko. I already know I sucked at kawad from the very beginning so there's that. Plus I'd rather go do some sort of sports rather than these kind of things. I understand the disciplining self stuffs, teamwork and all but I just never liked being yelled at for mistakes that we didn't mean to do.
I still lurks around Twitter and Facebook though (surprise, surprise) even though FB is getting more and more boring. I pretty much just upload picture and stalk some friends there (yes, I stalk my friends, don't look so shocked as-if-you-didn't-do-it-too). And Instagram too, but it keeps crashing since the IOS6 updates, same goes to my favourite camera app too, psshhh. Anyone knows how to deal with this crashing thing other than complaining?
So assignments are starting to pile up and I'm trying my best to deal with it systematically. But obviously my top priority is photo communication, like obviously. Hahahaha. Man that sounded so bitchy and annoying.
Oh and would The Perks of Being a Wallflower be released in Malaysia? I really really really wanna see that. My initial plan was to watch it alone but I think I'll be dragging Panda with me, just for fun (he likes comedy more, but hey, deal with it brotha).


mya :) said...

I googled that movie release date in Malaysia. Apparently, it will only come out in March next year. But that site doesn't look reliable so I really hope it's sooner than that.

Nej Jalidar said...

Ehhhhh? Really? Goodness I'd rather make a trip to Singapore (if they have it released earlier) to watch it if it'll take that long for the movie to be released in Malaysia =___=