Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busy Dizzy Bee

‘Sup ma party peopleeee? Hahahaha, okay as you can see I’m pretty much in a high spirit/good/mood/had the best two week streak ever. Yeah it has been 2 weeks since I enrolled into my degree course. Class is starting and rolling down the hill and next week we have to go to an outing for our news writing assignment and I’m gonna be dead meat if I don’t brush up my social/people approaching skill by then. We’ll see how that goes. First day was weird, I just kinda mix around and try to find that person who can just ‘click’ with me. And the first class was in Menara to my utmost horror. But hey, I can deal with that. Plus my hips have shrunk a bit due to all the walking I think. I look great in my favourite jeans when I was in my 5th form.

You know how terrified I am before this about having older classmates and friends? Those are long gone into the thin air by now. Though I still am that geeky freshman girl who like to come early to class everyday.

We did our own ice breaking during our second class since there were no lecturer. There are two Sabahans, three including me and it was like we’re destined to know each other. It’s really great to have them around, I can keep practicing my Sabahan tongue. By that weekend, me, Wati, Biha and four of the boys went to Sunway Pyramid and went around like we’ve known each other forever (plus it was Eqie's birthday). It was a blast. And I never knew laser tag was so fun and tiring! We pretty much went all the way to have fun while having a five page assignment due. Honestly we kind of forgot about it for a while. And this week was, well, crazy. But in a really good way. My classmates are great, but I still miss my fellow Asasian mates. I bumped into a bunch of them from time to time but haven’t got the chance to sit down and lepak and all y’know. I guess it’s because of the different course or timetable or whatever. And hey, I’m engaged.


Anyway here are some photos from these past few days/weeks. Most of it are from Wati’s camera (cuz I became lazy to bring mine when others brought their camera) and there's one from my phone, you can probably tell.

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