Thursday, September 6, 2012

Honesty Hour

Gonna register for college this Saturday. EEEEEEEKKKKKKK.

The thing is, I'm scared cuz I'd be jumping years from foundation to degree while most of my future classmates are probably older than me and already learn A LOT of the stuffs involved during their diploma. Intimidated is the word I guess. I hate starting over but I really really really want to do this course. I was okay with it in high school since I need to get away from everything but dude I LOVE my foundations friends. So now I am feeling tired out of nervousness and stress, have trouble falling asleep and having bad mood most of the time. I even stopped exercising (but screw that cuz I'm gonna be climbing a freaking high stairs to class - the horror of having a faculty on top of a small hill, now I regret laughing at my sport rec roommate).

Also, I found out a friend was pulling a prank saying she's getting engaged but she's not, hence the prank. Don't ask why I'm explaining this. But it's hilarious because it got me so excited when I believed the news was real. Another friend of mine is leaving to continue her study in Birmingham (I think?) Anyway, it's somewhere in UK, supposedly near the sea. I'm glad for her, I really am. It's such a weird feeling, feeling sincerely glad and happy for someone else. It made you feel happy and warm inside. Weird.

MDS kids and any other odd abbreviation for orientation week, an early congratulation for surviving that. Go treat yourself with something good this weekend. First week and first day will probably be a circus, finding class, ice-breaking and all. I think the university should also provide map for the classes or the general location of the classes to make it easier for new students. E.g: C4-2-5 = that building behind the office with vending machine. Or maybe not. But something like that.
But I guess I've to resort to coming early and asking around.

And I still haven't pack a thing. Yay me.

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