Sunday, September 2, 2012

Random thought of the day

I actually wrote this really long ranting entry and then I remembered 'Eh, aku belum tengok video Matluthfi yang baru lagi lah'.

*Open new tab* *Open Youtube* *Click Matluthfi's new video*

And you know what, I don't feel like posting a ranting entry anymore. Matluthfi's video is always a good pick-me-up. Dah tu El si keding warning jangan angau sangat dengan Matluthfi. Aku cakap dah lambat dia warning, lama dah angau dari beberapa tahun lepas. Like seriously people, if you still didn't know or notice, I have a crush on him. And so does Saiyyidah (she won't read this so heck yeah I'm writing her full name! Muahahaha!) and well, a dozen of other girls. My poor future (and several past) boyfriends, they have to listen to me gushing about another guy that I like. Hahaha.

So hey, I am going to be a degree student in like, 8 days. That felt so scary, just writing that gives me the creeps. I really hope I'll get a decent roommate. And I won't get lost trying to find my classes. And will know when is my taklimat fakulti in time to attend it. Oh my goodness all of this unknown stuffs is so scary. I hate not knowing things. But being the lazybum I am..... We'll see when I will actually end up calling my faculty to ask about my timetable, briefing and all. But hey, if there are by any chance a September intake, first year degree MassComm UiTM student here who knows about this, drop me a line or something.

Anyway, here's a random photo of my body with a model's head :

Look at that! My skin is super smooth and my hair is suddenly brunette! Look at that bone structure like oh wow! And blue eyes oh my God! Lulz, I wish.

And here is my song of the day! (It's also my feel good song. What's yours?)

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