Friday, November 30, 2012

That Aku-Rasa-Nak-Stop-Study-&-Kahwin Moment

How I miss the sea and the blue ocean and peacefulness and quietness and and and......

So the pressure got the best of me again. Being the drama queen that I am I ended up bursting to tears while talking to Umi this morning before class. Thank God for my habit of coming early when nobody is around. It's always like this towards the end of a semester. I'm just not that good at handling stress and work pressure. I honestly would not be looking forward to work with a newspaper because my body can't cope it. I'm not being whiny here, I hated whiners, it's just my body really can't cope it. Magazines is more to my kind of field I guess. We're producing a mock-up food magazine next week and apart from that I have like 6 more assignments to be completed and submitted and presented on next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and no I am not kidding-do-you-see-me-laughing-right-now?
It's enough to make anyone starts thinking of the probability of quitting and just go and get married.
And here comes the rant.

I still can't grasp the fact that a person can wear the headscarf and wore these see-through clothes while only wearing tubes or singlets. Can people be so ignorant and *ehem* dumb? I mean, you wore a freaking thin top and you wore a freaking WHITE tube that is freaking obvious to be seen by freaking everyone? Am I missing something here? Because if I am, then I can start wearing short skirts to class. (A cynical punchline natch, I don't even wear skirts. Not even long skirts nowadays, too hard to move around in.)

I'm stuck here trying to do my research and ass-ignments (and obviously failing to do so, considering I am still typing this away) so whatever.

And I freaking miss home. Have been staying in college for almost a month without going home after the hols. Can't imagine how it is like for those whose home are far away.

All in all, I'm dead drop tired. The only reason why I am standing is because of my parents, panda, friends and people who matters. And the fact I've JPA keeping an eye on my grades. Gahhhhhhh.


hanabanana said...

I know how you feel, when you're so tired but you still have to carry on. I think I spotted you few times in campus, but I'm just too shy to say hi hehe :) Anyway, hope you are doing fine with your study and keep strong. Good luck :)

Nej Jalidar said...

Ehhh really? Which faculty are you from? I'm so bad at recognizing people from the net (and remembering people really, hehe). Say hi to me if you ever saw me! And thank you! Good luck to you too! :)