Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY : Flower Crown

Flower crowns; it's like crown, but with flowers. And it looks unbelievably cute and super sweet with that bohemian/hippie feel to it. I mean, look how sweet Marie Antoinette (from the movie) look wearing her flower crown and rocking that blond-but-almost-like-powder-pink hairdo.

Photo from Google
Obviously if you wanna go crazy you can style your hair to a pastel-ish dip-dye with hair chalk and wear 'em crowns (no, no colouring or bleaching because; a)it's haram and b) have you ever seen a blonde Malay? If yes, it doesn't look good TBH).

So I made my own flower crowns. Well, I actually made two. I was bored, okay? Because my eyes were hurting that it's getting to my head so my head is also pounding which means that I need to stop staring at my laptop screen and stop sewing for two days so yeah, I was bored. So here is how I did my flower crown:

a] Simple flower crown.

Now this baby here is easy to made.
You just need some floral wires (I got a 'Wired Vinyl String' which is as good as a floral wire),  OR if you got the normal thin wire, you can buy those green floral tape. Wire cutter (mine is built in with the package) and a bunch of flowers of your choice. Now my flowers are those plastic-fabric kind of flower. Also, pick colours that compliments each other if you're unsure.

Step 1 (a) : Take measurement of your head with the wire, double the measurement and add around 6cm. Now fold it so it became two parallel line. Cut the flowers but not until the base, make sure you leave at least 3cm of the stem.

Step 1 (b) - Arrange your flower alongside the wire so you're sure it's enough and estimate how much is the distance between each flower will be on the wire. Arrange the flowers so that there will be no flower at one end of the wire.

Step 2 : Now take your first flower and put it in between the wire at the end where you fold it and twist the wire so it secure the flower super tightly around its' stem near the base. As long as the flower don't easily fall, you're good to go cuz we're gonna cut the stem short later on.

Step 3 : Okay, keep twisting the wire until desired distance where you want to place your next flower, put the next flower in between the wire and twist around the flower again.

Note : For some flower, the stem is hard wire so I just took the flower off its stem but the wire just won't hold the flower at its' base. What I did is I poke one of the wire into the hole in the middle of the flower and slide it into the wire and just continue twisting after the petal, like the picture above. Don't twist the petal though.

Step 4 : Repeat Step 3, your crown should look like the photo above Step 1(a) for now.

Step 5 : Finish putting your last flower. Your crown should have some leftover wire, twist it up till the end. Don't get too excited and tie the two ends yet, measure it around your head and if you wear headscarf, measure it with your headscarf on cuz it may add a few centimeters. Got the correct measurement? If it's too small, just cut the desired measurement of wire and twist it around each end of your unfinished crown. If it's too big, downsize your crown a bit - take off one or two flowers. If it fits, twist the two ends together. Now cut the stems off the flowers and voila, your very own flower crown.

p/s:  Those with the normal thin wire plus floral tape, after twisting both ends, wrap the floral tape to cover the wires.

It takes only around 30 - 45 minutes to do the whole process for me but take your time, don't rush it. I actually took off all the stem in the initial step for mine and twist the wire around the small base cuz I don't like leftover stem. If you wanna do that too, my advice is to twist the wire as tightly as you can around the base cuz smaller area means less grip. You can also glue-gun your way at the base after finishing the crown, whichever feels right.

Do note that this is just a basic and simple DIY that I made up myself and honestly, I am pretty bad at describing stuffs, there are tons of other DIY and tutorials on flower crowns on the net (some with videos too) so Google it up and find one that you understand most and can easily follow. I've read some DIY on the net and watched a friend did one before so I gave it a try with my own style.

So how about this one, you might ask, this heavily wrapped and leafy one? Well, this is a tad too complicated to explain and I didn't take any picture while I was doing it, so I think you're gonna have to Google your way pal. Sorry!

Here is a photo of me wearing one of my flower crown. Cheerio lovelies!


Syuhadah Azri said...

It's pretty! :D

Nej Jalidar said...

Thank you! Give it a try! (well, if you're not confused with my instructions, haha)