Saturday, August 3, 2013

We're Not Broken, Just Bent

It's refreshing to be so open and so honest to a stranger, I forgot how good it felt to be so weird and so me. Thank you.

Semester 2 was the hardest for me yet. This result should disappoint me but I am really relieved. Everything was a struggle this semester. I experienced overwhelming emotions that I thought I'd never experienced. I'm still not keen on telling people, even my own classmates about it. What for? My story is one that is too personal to share. People would always find something to say. The week after exam has ended, I struggled to sleep because I was so sick worrying about my results and other external pressures. They don't understand. Don't pretend you do. You really don't, not until you end up being in the same situation, and I sincerely hope that you won't.

And if you do, life goes on. You'll hurt, it'll be painful, and you'll be sad at times. But we have a choice, and I chose to ignore the shitty stuffs and do what makes me happy. It is selfish, maybe. But I still want to be a better person, we all do.

This is for my mother. The one who was there even when I'm ready to give up on everything. I may be a shitty daughter during my moody days but I'm all yours to lean on to.


Anis Zaydi said...

I hope everything goes well in your life. I really love reading your blog.. um just want you to know that. Much love :)

Nej Jalidar said...

Thank you, I'll be fine don't worry :)