Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Photoblog : Makngah's Place

I've always been fascinated with my Makngah's house since I was a child. Basically it's because it's the only house I knew that has a basement with billiards table. Fun fact: It was supposed to be a garage but Pakngah decided they want to walled it up. Also, there's a swimming pool, as a kid I LOVE to swim, hence; why I like going there so much. Though now I don't think I even remember how to float. Still can swim somehow though, at least I think I still can swim. The house have cool stone floor for the ground floor and lower kitchen, and strong wooden floor with vast tall ceiling that follows the shape of the roof for the upper two floor (it's a split-level house). I guess I like it because it's so different than other houses. Oh, there's also a lot of plants and trees. My aunt also have a, uhm, small vegetable patch in the backyard.

Describing the house, I would use words like 'cool', 'quiet' and 'open'. Those are also the words that I hope could be used when I have my own house.

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