Friday, August 23, 2013


So I have just figured out I suck at dates. Which is good (?) and bad at the same time. Good cuz that have just proven how goody-two-shoes I have been, bad cuz I screwed up the chance on giving a good impression to someone whom I actually like.
I have this like, social anxiety I guess, where I panic and my brain went on a turbo mode, over-thinking about over thousands of possible things of what to do & what to say and yet I still end up being an awkward penguin because thinking about all those stuffs made me nervous and overly conscious about everything I do or say. This isn't just for dates, even in a normal social setting I have this anxiety. I would start thinking like, 'What would a normal person would say/react/do now?". Why you ask? Because apparently I am not so normal, I'm an awkward penguin. All that's missing now is an igloo and a cute penguin pyjamas suit.

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