Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not Related to VMA (well, not entirely)

Found this hilarious non-VMA related gifs. Thought I should share it here.

But in case you were wondering what's up with VMA, in a nutshell (basically the stuffs that is all over my dashboard anyway); Pharrel plus entourage arrived on bicycles (which was pretty rad), Taylor was being a bitter ex and basically just rude and immature (how old is she again?) but she won, 1D won but got booed, Lady Gaga actually left her seat after 1D got booed, Miley's were, uhm, dancing/twerking/grinding against Robin Thicke in an inappropriate way (the dancing gifs. left me scars and burning eyes), The reactions from Will Smith's family is priceless really, especially Jaden. Teddy (Ed Sheeran for non-Teddy fans) didn't win but was seen holding hands with Ellie Goulding like what theee??? Oh and people are telling me that it's basically a Justin Timberlake's live show with N'Sync reunion and some awards handed out.
P/s: facts may not be right, mostly are from my Tumblr dash and Twitter.

Anyway, class is starting again this 9th September. I'm actually kind of on the fence cuz I don't want the holiday to end but I am so tired of doing nothing and actually just wanted to start doing something again (I'm gonna regret this statement in the near future but what the hell). What bothers me right now is I didn't get college and am waiting for 'Permohonan Rayuan Kolej' (verbatim, that's what it says on my college placement status). I don't like driving, it worries my mom and living in-campus saves a lot of money but no, the college decided to take students from other college into ours in addition to the new intakes and we're swept under the rugs. Honestly I think they should invest in off-campus apartment/college affiliated to the Uni that have public transportation going in and out of the campus. But hey, I don't study statistic nor monetary related stuffs but just a suggestion.

Other than that, welcome to Uni life for the freshman. I used to think after my foundation, I kind of know what's going on, yeah well, I was wrong. I thought foundation was pretty bad, it's basically worse than that (my friends from diploma background also seconds this). My lecturer was right, foundation year felt a lot like kindergarten now. Anyway, good luck!

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