Sunday, October 13, 2013

Updating for the sake of telling people that I'm still alive

Basically, photos of the stuffs (other than assignments) that kept me busy most of the time.

Sua Raya UiTM

Kemahiran Insaniah (I skipped Modul 3 tho)

Team building programme by MASSA at Kem Eco Resort in Janda Baik (apparently I'm one of MASSA's member but let's not dwell on that now).

This team building thing was last weekend (5th and 6th). I've literally spent every weekend since the semester started attending programs that is related to studies or to the uni. Now I'm one of the people that is supposed to be designing invitations/posters/flyers for our Dean's List Dinner. All I want it to laze around or go for a run.

Journalism Society AGM

Outing and sushi time with Jamny and Hana

New love. And I have a valid reason for this, I signed up for larian SAF and my sport shoes went RIP when we were in Janda Baik. But getting an Airmax won't hurt....

Anyway, in a nutshell: loads of stuffs to write, no time to do it. Shall find some time during this one week holiday. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims!

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