Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 have kicked off with a bang (fireworks people, fireworks). However, I welcomed 2014 while watching Alice in Wonderland on Disney channel so whatever. And it's only the 5th of January and I'm already down with a cold and flu while still having two more papers left before having the privilege to say that I've ended my third semester.
Oh well. I just thought this song suits the 'it's-the-new-year-I'm-feeling-so-pumped-up' mood we all have at this time of the year. Not meaning to be cynical or anything but we should enjoy this vibrant feeling and energy while it last.

p/s: reading creepy/horror stories on tumblr and creepypasta on a rainy night is a pretty bad idea to be honest. Thrilling, yes, but bad, bad idea.

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