Friday, July 17, 2009


Hello I'm Nej and I'm a geek. Not just a geek but a super geek. No, this blog haven't been invaded by some geeky rabbit-tooth hacker. This is really moi.

Seriously, for those who knows me and even to strangers who had met me, they know that I'm a geek. At first, it was kind of a struggle to have that kind of image. I thought, 'What kind of boy in their right mind would date a geek?'. And people tends to associate geeks with braces, huge glasses, hours in front of the desktop, straight A's results, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Lucky for me, all of those criteria applied to me. Anyway, it's annoying to think that people call you a geek.

Well, at first it is anyway.

Then having braces becomes cute, huge glasses becomes a trend, hours in front of the desktop is just normal and straight A's is essential noawadays, geeks or not, to secure a place at one's preferred top college. And my ex(s) don't really mind dating me. Not that I know anyway, I'm not a mind reader. Well, whatever. The point is, nowadays, I don't really mind that much being call a geek. Seriously. Well, except when I'm having a temper of course, anything can set me off when my inside starts rolling.

So, yeah. I'm a SuperGeek and I'm okay with it. But don't push it too much or I'll be lashing out at you.

Recently, life has been like a roller-coaster ride. Like a real roller-coaster ride, I kinda enjoy it, in some times anyway. Somehow, along the way I learned to accept life as it is without as much as a burst of some of my ol' nasty temper.
I can't remember where I found this saying, but I really like it ;

'In school, you were thought a lesson first, then tested later. But in life, you were given the test first, from which you will learn a lesson.'

p/s : Will be having a long day tomorrow. Gonna sort my old books (for the moving), clean my room and attend Amy's birthday on the afternoon. Hmm. At least I get to wake up later than usual.

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