Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So sorry. I've been unbelievably busy this couple of days and will still be for some more weeks I think. I had a fever for two days and had a fleeting panic moment when we thought my fever was H1N1. (It's not, I went well on the third day, though the coughing stays).

Anyway, bad news, my room's ceiling is far too low for a loft bed, so I've to settle with a day-bed. Okay, so that wasn't really a bad news. A day-bed is pretty cool when I really think about it. The real bad news is, my room colours is purple-ish pink. And I can only repaint the colour after raya. Oh Goddd, please give me strength.

Anyway I found this super cool military inspired jacket at FashionPulseDaily which is one of my many prescription daily drug-blog. And yeah, regal/military looks are in for this fall.

Sure, not as freaking awesome as The Balmain military jacket, anyone can see that, but hey, at least the price doesn't gives one a heart attack.

Balmain Military Jacket ($11000)

footnote : I'll probably be MIA from the cyber world for a while due to the busyness of moving to a new house. So anyone who need to contact me should reach me on my mobile. Calls and texts after 10.30 p.m. will not be entertained. And my number is still that 014-223****.


amie said...

loft bed is cute

Nej Jalidar said...

yes it is! though too bad my ceiling is too low for a loft bed.
and low ceiling with a loft bed reminds me of a horror story told by my friend.
it still gives me the chill.