Thursday, October 20, 2011


Feeling out of sorts. I love the rain, but it makes me feel out of sorts. Like grief, but I've no idea what am I upset for. Everything seems to upset me. And I've been missing on people too much that it hurts me badly. I'm a klutz at socializing, talking is a big effort for me, expressing myself and my feelings are harder. I'm awkward and like to keep quiet, I am more of a listener rather than a talker. I'm probably a wallflower, but bear with me. Maybe if you waited long enough, maybe if you keep up with me, maybe then I will start to bloom. And if I can accept you, why won't you accept me for what I am built from?

One of the band that I probably won't care to be skipping class for must be Coldplay. I listen to what I want and what pleases me, go to hell with your stupid prejudicial opinions.

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