Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'm just gonna summarize things here. I wrote a bunch of long, venting, in-your-face posts but decided not to post it publicly. Writing is a therapy but if it can cause me trouble, I'd rather keep it to myself. A lesson I've learnt way back when I was still fresh at the blogosphere (I've been dying to use that term for so long T^T)

So anyways, I am currently in my semester break and am being a lazy-a**. Haven't really done anything that is actually productive but I kept having bad dreams that usually have something to do with class or college.
There was once that I woke up panicking that I'm late to class only to panic more when I see I'm at home before realizing I am still having my semester break. Paranoia much?

Aaaaaaaaand meet baby sprocket rocket, the newest addition to my little family of camera muse.
I haven't developed it yet and made the mistake of loading an ASA100 in it but hey, that means *drumrolls* double exposure! I'm still worried of it being underexposed though. I'm just gambling my luck here D:

Oh didn't they tell you? I am officially a glasses/spectacles/whatever-you-call-it wearer starting from today onwards. Turns out staring at the laptop screen for too long is not good.
Who knew? *eyerolls*
It's not like it is my fault that tumblr is wayyyy too addictive than chocolate. It still can't beat the awesomeness of macarons though.

And I am being a lazy and slow reader too. Which is terrible I know, I usually finish one book of 250 pages in a day or two. I haven't took that much of photographs either. If this is growing up, I hate it. Guess I gotta preserve some parts of the old me.


yonnatrium said...

hey nej,i think the glasses has spice up your cute!

and,keep writting.. i love your blogosphere..hhe ;)

Nej Jalidar said...

ahah, thank you very much! :)

Asyura Ai Xen said...

Hi Nej .

Nej Jalidar said...

hiiiiiiii *excited mode :D