Sunday, January 20, 2013

Skin Talk

Now, please be free to notice my then, uhm, not-so-great complexion. Due to school years and stress and some crazy hormones, you get that kind of complexion. I can't complain really, some people have it worse than I am. But it was pretty bad at times. I always have these small zits all over my face.

I guess it's 'jerawat pasir'? I'm not so sure but I guess it is. It's really small but there's a lot of them, like 'pasir'. And they won't ever ever go away. On top of that, I also have some regular big zits popping in and out of the blue AND an oily complexion. It kind of brings me down, especially in a faculty full of girls looking pretty and nice ALL THE FREAKING TIME. God knows how they stick up wearing those kind of makeups and heels, I've seriously no idea how. I still hated those 5-inches cakey makeups though. And wearing powder, foundation or anything usually made my zits and oiliness worse. But basically I felt inferior at times (plus Panda always got hit on when he was skinnier back then *whoops*).
Yeah yeah beauty is skin deep, I know. I'm not that shallow. But I just want to get rid of these freaking oils and zits, y'know? Honestly, who wouldn't want to have a good complexion? (Don't even lie to yourself girl). So not-so-recently, I started to use Tabita. And hell yeah it does make a big difference. See for yourself.

This and the picture with Panda above are the 'Before' pictures. You can't really see the zits on my cheeks but you probably notice the ones on my forehead in the picture with Hana. Most of the major zits can be seen in the picture with Panda. But, miraculously at most times, I almost always seems to have a flawless face in a photo. I kid you not. Only when people see me face to face that they realized it isn't so great.

And this is the 'After'. Sorry that it's out of focus, but I did not edit a single thing and NO MAKEUP except for the red lips. I have people telling me that I looked fairer and I guess it's true if my own mother told me that. She hardly ever talk about my face since she knows how bothersome the zits and complexion is to me. The 'jerawat pasir' are also clearing up. There are still some of them, it doesn't magically disappear but I can see that it's getting better. The oiliness are still there but it's controllable. I still have breakout now and then, not as frequent as before, but it goes away pretty quickly.

So this is also corresponding to my last post where I said I'd like to try a red lips look. And well, I did. And was pretty amazed to see that it doesn't look that awkward on me.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I really have been using Tabita for almost over a month now and still does (apart from skipping some of the routine some times cuz I'm lazy liddat) and if you ask me where and how to buy it, I would have no idea cuz a family friend helped me out on buying this. Makanya terima kasih untuk Kak Ayu!

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