Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travelog: Temasek + JB

Remember way back when Singapore was known as Temasek? I like the name, sounds so classic somehow. Anyway, a relative was getting married in JB and we have been planning to go to Singapore since last year so hey, sounds like a good chance to kill two bird with one stone. We traveled to JB by train but the air conditioning broke down halfway there so we were upgraded to the first-class cabin. I slept soundly for the rest of the journet in there. For night travelers via train, I strongly recommends the cabin (bit pricey if you've no KTM student card or senior citizen card though). But for the fussy picky complaining type of people, maybe not for you. Go book a flight.

The train schedule is not that accurate though so be prepared. The next day we went to Sentosa Island via bus/coach. Well I don't fancy driving with all the traffic jam along the Causeway so it's the best way. RM5 from JB and $5 from Sentosa back to JB. You just need to prepare your passport and hop off at the Singapore Woodlands checkpoint for the Immigration checks and if you're unlucky (like us) and miss your bus there (in another word, the bus left you), you just need to wait for the next one and use the already bought ticket. No fuss really. Just bring a bottle of mineral water along.

I didn't go to USS, not really my cup of tea, and especially since I'm with my mother. The reason why I wanted to go there is because of the aquarium. Because I recalled going there as a kid, I kinda want to go again to remember it again. I just like it, it's kind of enchanting and beautiful. And hey, it's worth it.

And if you can't already tell, I loveeeee jellyfishes, IT IS FREAKING MAGICAL. We didn't really have a chance to explore JB but we went to the Zone for duty free chocolates (yay chocolates!) and I got myself a new perfume. Please, feel free to roll your eyes. And then the day before we head back to KL was the wedding. It was hilarious when my uncle and cousin becomes the toll collector.

Train back was a bit of chaos due to the accident beforehand between Kempas Baru and Kulai. And there were some irritating tourists, complaining all the way too. They were yelling at each other at one point (a fight I guess, not sure about what), it was awkward and annoying to watch and hear. I decided to watch Runningman and sleep with my earphones on for the rest of the way.

Footnote: All photos taken by iPhone. Couldn't bother lugging my camera around (read as: Too lazy to bring my camera).

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