Friday, May 24, 2013

Up Again

"Sometimes the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger"

Life stop for nobody. Shits happens. Moving on.

There are good days and bad days, I'm just gonna deal with it on a daily basis. Falling again seems too fast it's making my head spin so I am smiling whenever I can.

Anyway here is a cautionary true story for girls in Shah Alam who likes to go karaoke at Alam Sentral. There's a freak of a pervert there (unsure if he works there but saw him in the counter both when we went out). Wore glasses, tall-ish, innocent-ish looking guy. It was last Thursday, around 8PM, we three girls went for a quick karaoke after a friend of mine bought her stuffs for Gunung Ledang trip. There was this one dude who kept going around the corridor inside of the karaoke premise. Suddenly my friend went outside of our karaoke room, I thought she went to the toilet but then she was talking to this spectacle dude outside of our room. I thought it was her friend. Suddenly the dude went to the left side (out of our view) and my friend turns around facing us and made a waving motion with her eyes all wide (she herself is a bit of a case, 'lurus bendul' to the core). We thought she was waving goodby or something but something felt wrong so I told my friend who stayed with me to go check on her. Turns out the dude were asking my 'lurus' friend her name, where she came from, where she's staying, and if it's just us girls right now. And the worst part is the dude TOUCHED HER FACE. I didn't know he touched my friend's face till we were out of the place. After both of my friend came in the dude passed in front of our room again (prolly twice?) and I looked at him. He made motions for me to go outside to meet him and I was in between of rage and scared so I told my friend he's telling me to go out. And then he suddenly tried to open our room's door. My friend (not the lurus one) stood up and yelled at him to go away. Thank goodness he did went away though. I still am pissed cuz he touched my friend even after she pushed his hand. I swear if I went there again and he tries to do anything funny I'll hit his shin so hard he can't even get marry.

So the point here is, take a guy (or a bunch of guys) with you if you are going karaoke (or generally going out at night). Tell people you can rely on where you are going and have them on speed dial in case of emergency. And being nice is totally out of the question if we are talking about a weird stranger. And also, guys cannot touch you without consent or make sexual remarks verbally, it's sexual harassment (if I'm not mistaken), therefore yell, curse (to get other people attention) or you could always just hit the guy.

p/s: next time I'm gonna tell my ghost-ish experience/encounter.

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