Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tale of the (yester)day

Funny story from Saturday.

Went to send Jamny to Seksyen 15's bus station and made a pit stop at sister's store. Hung out there for few hours before it was mentioned in our conversatoin that there's a Versus Jam at Setia City Mall that night. Immedietly jumped on the opportunity and buzzed Hazim cuz I'd look so much like a forever alone dorky underage teenager if I went alone (for goodness sake people, I'm 20!). Fetched him from Puncak Alam and stopped by Klang Central for him to buy bus ticket to see his girl in Kuantan. He tried to withdraw money from the ATM machine but his money didn't come out and he lost RM300. Tho him being him, he just cusses calmly (yes, I wrote calmly there) and called the helpline. Problem solved (halfway anyway, need to wait for 14 working day first).

Got to SCM and had a short dinner before heading to the park where the stage is. It was still drizzling but seems to be getting lighter. We stood there for almost an hour when it started to rain cats and dogs (the wind added to the craziness) and they finally announced for the audience to take shelter. Though apparently the hawker who were selling rain ponchos and umbrellas were having a fiesta. RM5 for a raincoat and God knows how much for an umbrella. We lent my umbrella to a couple of boys standing in front of us cuz both of us bought the poncho. Well, me and Hazim's jeans were soaked wet and we basically looked like we jumped into a waddle pool and decided to take a stroll in the mall afterwards.

Some interesting conversation (to me) that we had while standing in the rain :
"Kau nampak tak depan ni? Ke nak pergi depan lagi?" *while ducking to my height*
"Kau nak kata aku pendek ah ni? Aku doa kau dapat awek pendek karang padan muka kau"
"Awek aku memang pendek pun sebenarnya, lagi pendek dari kau"
"Dah tu tak payah ah nak hina aku sangat!"

*seeing his picture that I took of him wearing the raincoat*
"Aku nampak macam pocong doh!"

We sat in front of the door leading to the park for a while before we decided it's gonna get cancelled and we should just get going. This is the best part; basically pretty much everyone decided to go home so we were stuck in a traffic jam IN THE CAR PARK, AT THE SAME LEVEL FOR AN HOUR. I started laughing psychotically and Hazim attacked the box of donuts we bought before. Somehow I got frustrated and started pressing my car radio dial and a station was playing a Coldplay live concert so we were pretty calmed down. Though I think Hazim was shaking his fist to a car that was pushing it way wayyyy to close to my car. Well, whatevs.

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